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Facilitate Smooth Transfer Of Assets Through Trusts

Trusts are tried and tested forms of asset protection and probate avoidance for many couples and families. Trusts may remove many burdens of estate administration. They may help high net worth families avoid estate taxes. They keep families in control of their assets and keep the government's long arm out of reach, in many cases.

Which Type Of Trust(s) Will Meet Your Needs?

Our estate planning practices changed materially in the last half of the 20th century.

Our clients got divorced or had bad life experiences in which their kids got on drugs, dropped out of school and were no longer the apples of their parent's eye anymore. Our instructions became:

"Don't leave anything outright to my daughter — I don't trust her husband. I don't want him to divorce her and take what I'm leaving to her."

"Don't leave anything outright to my son, he's in jail," or "He would spend it and not have it in six months, or he would give it to his friends."

"How can I protect my daughter and her husband who already have gone through $50,000 in credit card debt, and have or are likely to have judgments against them."

"My kids have tons of student debt. Can what I leave them be taken to pay those debts?"

Nowadays, many of our clients often won't let us leave property outright to their children and grandchildren. The only solution that makes sense is typically to leave property to them through a trust.

Understanding how a trust will work is an important part of the process of selecting and creating trusts such as a:

  • Revocable trust (living trust)
  • Testamentary trust
  • Charitable lead trust
  • Generation-skipping trust
  • Special needs trust
  • Remainder trust
  • Domestic trust
  • Foreign trust

Clients of James H. Hard, Jr., Attorney at Law, in Houston, enjoy reassurance of accurate, customized information about appropriate trusts that will meet their needs. Lawyer James H. Hard, Jr., has been practicing law in Texas for more than 50 years and has operated this firm for more than 40 years. His in-depth knowledge of trusts and other estate planning tools has been of great value to multiple generations of estate planning clients.

A Sole Practitioner Available To Deliver Customized Advice And Services

Most estate planning lawyers today are either generalists (practicing in many areas of law) or employed by large law firms where quantity of clients is vital. Clients of James H. Hard, Jr., Attorney at Law, on the other hand, often say they choose to work with Mr. Hard because of the personal touch he provides. As a sole practitioner, he works only for clients. One-on-one attorney-client relationships are fundamental at this law firm. In this environment, clients appreciate the opportunity to learn about and collaborate on the trusts they are looking for to protect assets and avoid probate.

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