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Probate With Less Pain

"Probate" is not an evil word, although many people try hard to avoid it. We all want to avoid unnecessary costs if possible. If there are no assets to be transferred, there should be no probate. Attorney James H. Hard, Jr., in Houston, advises and guides executors or personal representatives in all aspects of probate administration, including:

  • Locating the will and verifying its authenticity
  • Serving notice to beneficiaries and creditors
  • Gathering, identifying and inventorying assets of the deceased person
  • Determining which assets do not need to go through probate (such as joint accounts and assets to be transferred through provisions of trusts)
  • Submitting inventory of assets to the probate court
  • Managing assets, settling claims from creditors and paying final taxes for the deceased
  • Verifying intended recipients of the remaining assets
  • Distributing assets and closing the estate

When Probate Avoidance Has Been A Goal

When trusts and other advanced asset protection measures are in place, they may keep some assets out of probate. A man named Dacey made a fortune with his book, How to Avoid Probate. Some people following his advice allegedly lost thousands of dollars by not creating trusts when they were necessary to avoid estate taxes. In fact, estates with sizable debts often need to pass through probate to avail those estates of the bankruptcy type of protection offered by the Texas payment of claims procedures available in probate court.

Now with the higher estate tax exemptions available, there are more reasons to simplify planning and avoid probate. Nonetheless, at least some portion of an estate will likely need to go through probate. For example, proceeds from a lawsuit may be paid after death — when it is too late to shield those funds from probate.

We Can Help, Beginning At Any Point In The Process

Potential clients are welcome to contact James H. Hard, Jr., Attorney at Law, at any stage in the probate and estate administration process, at any of these times:

  • Before someone's death
  • Immediately after the death
  • After some steps have been taken to prepare to administer the estate
  • While probate is in process

Early counsel and representation can be efficient and cost-saving in most cases, but in some cases, disputes originating with creditors or beneficiaries may develop along the way. Disputes may delay probate and require legal advice midstream. James H. Hard, Jr., Attorney at Law, can help you overcome such obstacles.

The firm will also address guardianship issues and other special concerns as needed.

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