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Estate & Trust Administration Attorney in Houston, Texas

How To Distribute An Estate And Administer A Trust With Confidence

Getting reliable, timely legal advice is the single best thing you can do to get estate administration or administration of a trust off to a good start. Understanding what needs to happen and how to do it is vital. If you are the executor of an estate or a trustee managing assets on behalf of a living or deceased person, find an experienced attorney as soon as possible.

James H. Hard, Jr., Attorney at Law, in Houston, is a valuable resource for all estate law matters. We invite you to make an appointment for a consultation. On your own, in preparation and during your initial consultation with Texas estate administration lawyer James H. Hard, Jr., you can begin to help yourself as follows:

Are You an Executor for a Will or Trust?
  • Start inventorying assets to the best of your ability if you will be responsible for the final distribution of estate assets. If you doubt your ability to find or characterize all assets, rest assured the firm is here to help.

  • If possible, bring the decedent’s will, trusts, and other testamentary documents to your initial consultation with Mr. Hard, as well as relevant items you might need advice on such as a life insurance policy, a property deed or a list of creditors.

  • If you are a trustee, be ready to receive guidance from Mr. Hard on how to protect the decedent’s investments, avoid wasting any money and prepare to distribute assets to the correct recipients.

  • If you are a trustee managing a trust for a still-living incapacitated or disabled person, get legal advice on how to do this correctly while avoiding any potential accusations that you dissipated his or her assets.

  • When you contact our firm for advice and help with estate and trust administration, be sure to let Mr. Hard know of any special situations such as allegations of a trustee’s breach of fiduciary duty (if you are the trustee or are working with a trustee). As necessary, Mr. Hard is prepared to guide executors and trustees through complex, challenging scenarios. He has a great deal of experience resolving problems quickly and decisively before they derail the legal processes.

  • Alert Mr. Hard to family problems likely to complicate the wrapping up of the estate. Is there a problem associated with an addicted, imprisoned, or wayward son or daughter or a child’s ex-spouse who threatens legal action? Perhaps you are not aware of such concerns, but a conversation with attorney James H. Hard, Jr., may uncover pitfalls that can be resolved effectively.

  • Discuss ways to ensure a bank does not pay out money to the wrong person – and that it does pay the right person. Misallocation of money by a bank rarely happens, but because it has happened before, banks sometimes put roadblocks in front of rightful recipients of monetary assets. Mr. Hard has successfully convinced banks to pay out estate assets even when the banks were requiring guaranteed signatures and making other extraordinary demands.

  • Discuss how to enforce the redesignation of real estate property titles to the correct beneficiaries. People who attempt to close estates on their own sometimes encounter trouble completing this transition after a death in the family.

For Advice On Asset Protection And Distribution, Contact Us

James H. Hard, Jr., Attorney at Law, is available to serve as your trusted estate or trust administration law firm in Houston. Established more than 40 years ago, the firm is a valuable resource for Texans who prefer to work closely with a highly knowledgeable and experienced lawyer.

At the law office of James H. Hard, Jr., Attorney at Law, education of the client and efficiency in representation are core values that bring repeat business from one generation to the next to our doors.

You can count on attorney James H. Hard, Jr. to shield you from unwanted, unnecessary, and costly legal maneuvers when you turn to him for estate administration or trust administration guidance. We emphasize fundamentals first of all and honor our clients’ desire to conclude estate-related obligations in a timely, accurate manner.

To get the conversation started, call or send an email through this website.